1. Select your plate type
  • Sublimation – This is an aluminium plate where the text or image is heat pressed into the coating on the plate. This is good for colour images and can be used for all indoor uses where there is low UV impact and no chemicals.
  • Laser engraving – This is a plastic composite whereby the top layer is burnt off leaving the underlying colour. This is a cost effective plate that can be used indoors on plaques and plates and there are also outdoor options for signs and the traditional trifoliate signs.
  • Dura Black – This is a high quality durable outdoor and industrial sign that can be used for marking and labelling machines etc.

2. Select your plate size

In the selection of plate you have an option of selecting your plate size. Select the smallest possible size whereby you can still fit your engravin. If your size does not fit – go to the next size up.

3. Select whether to include a border or not

The borders look best if a border is selected that does not go to the edge of the plate.

4. Select your border thickness

This is a matter of taste but try to do a border that is in proportion to your plate and text size.

6. Convert your image to a svg (scalable vector graphics file) before you import it

This will ensure that you get what you see. Thee are a number of free sites available that will allow you to convert limited files.

7. Select your font and font size format your text and hit autoformat twice to see what your plate will look like.

8. Make your text as large as possible within the plate leaving a little space from the edges to ensure your plate looks professional.

9. If you are not ready to purchase, you can save the plate for later however it is recommended to login first so that you don’t lose the plate if you have a computer glitch.

10. When you are ready, add the plate to the cart – do another plate and we will do the rest.